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Published on 14-02-2019

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit India in 2019

If you’re planning a unique, entertaining and memorable holiday, consider India as your next destination. It will not only be inexpensive but you will also get a chance to see a number of landmarks and historical places. Moreover, there is food to enjoy and a chance to live in a real palace! 
Here are 6 reasons why you should visit India in the year 2019;

Published on 04-02-2019

The Best App to Improve Your Productivity

In today’s competitive world, there is simply too much to do in too little time. It is not possible to achieve all your goals for a day without using some sort of electronic help. There are tools and apps out there that help people get organized, save time and increase productivity. Some tasks can be very well managed by an app or online tool without you having to spend hours handling it and wasting time and energy. To save your energy for more important tasks, it is highly advisable to use an app that would increase your productivity and help you gain peace of mind. 

Published on 29-01-2019

All you need to know about the Guinness Six Nations’ Rugby 2019

Bookmakers seem to have concluded that Ireland, the 2018 Champions would yet again walk away
with the trophy, but that only intensifies the battle. While Ireland is all set for the Grand Slam, the
French don’t care about what the Bookmakers say. After all, Rugby is all about action and not some
vague calculations made by a bunch of unknown “know-alls”.

So if you are as excited as we are about the 2019 Six Nations’ Rugby, then you either already have
your tickets, or are looking through the various sites, in hope of getting your hands on one. If you
don’t already have them, we’ve painstakingly put together a guide on how you can get the best deal.

Blog Post Ideas for Cheap and Creative Christmas Decoration

Published on 29-11-2018

Ideas for Cheap and Creative Christmas Decoration

There are tons of cheap DIY Christmas decoration ideas that you can use to save money and still enjoy the festivities. These projects are so creative that you can also involve your kids to keep them busy and have them learn something new. There are ideas for decorating the entrance, making Christmas centrepieces for your dining table, something to place outdoors, and personalised seating for each member of the family on this auspicious occasion.