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Things to do on Easter, in London

Easter commemorates the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ, on the third day from his crucifixion. It also marks the end of Lent, the forty-day fasting which commences from Ash Wednesday and concludes on Holy Saturday. Next comes the most-awaited Easter Sunday! Although Easter is celebrated worldwide, with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, still London manages to steal the show with the countless events that go on for almost a month. While the Churches offer special services, and plays such as Passion of Jesus, there are also certain other options to look forward to. One can also attend the egg trails and fairs organized all over London. In fact, London’s every nook and corner speaks of the sacrifices of the divine during the 3-Day celebrations. Starting from Good Friday, this 3-Day celebration attracts tourists from all over the world.

On this blessed day, eggs have a special significance and denote the empty casket of Jesus Christ, as he resurrects. You’d be astonished to see how creative Londoners get with a myriad of egg-shaped attractions on the Easter weekend. Bunnies can’t be ignored either, especially when you see the young ones dressed up in that attire, hopping around joyfully. Also, workshops and hop dances are organized for young children, almost everywhere. If you are perplexed about where you must head to this Easter — then you are not alone. On the Easter weekend, London does this to almost everyone but with us by your side, there’s not much to worry about. To help you make the most out of this season, we are listing down some of the best things to do in London, this Easter.

Start with shopping chocolates

Easter is the best time of the year, when grown-ups hoard up their shelves with chocolates and sweetmeats, only to hand it over to smiling little tots who visit friends and neighbours, with a chocolaty smile. Regardless of whether you have kids at home, make it a point to keep your shelves loaded. While you think about others, don’t forget to pick a huge chocolate egg or chocolate bunny for your family to satisfy their sugar cravings. You’ll find plenty of mouth-watering options and some of the best ones are Lindt or Stas. Even if you are on a diet, chocolate on Easter isn’t worth frowning upon. You can always cut down on the calories, later.

The Egg Hunts

On the other hand, if you have young children, then you are going to have quite a weekend, watching them run about in circles, looking for Easter eggs. In London, great significance is laid upon these traditional events connected to Easter. It is considered to be an occasion that introduces the little ones to their roots. Some of London’s most popular Easter egg hunts organized in 2019 include the one at Kensington Palace, and the Hampton Court Palace.

Bustling Fairs

The next best thing to check out this weekend is one of the many fairs, which are organized every Easter. Usually, the favourite one among kids is the Horniman’s Easter Fair, an event that has something for everyone, no matter which age group one belongs to. The two-day event has some of the most sought-after events and activities such as the Easter trails, hop ‘n’ dance workshops, Farmer’s market and even something as cool as face painting. All these events make it a perfect weekend for any family to hang out together for hours, without a dull moment.

Shake your legs!

If you thought that Easter was going to be all about religious gatherings, culture and heritage, then you are deeply mistaken. After you are done with the Church service, you can very well head to one of the popular Easter parties. No! these aren’t the places where you dress up and dance like bunnies but instead, these happen to be some of the liveliest events. The very definition of a party differs from person to person so depending upon your preferences, you could choose one with music and good food or one that also offers a Dance Floor. You can also make your choice depending upon the type of music that you prefer. Be it Latino, House, Hip Hop or 80s, there's something for everyone in London, no matter your age or interests.

The Best Roasts

After Lent, you simply cannot miss relishing the Easter spread. In fact, a hearty Easter lunch with your family sounds like a great way to celebrate almost anything under the sun. Some of the choicest spreads include Chick Bao at Bao Fitzrovia and Bao Soho and Easter Dumplings made for the occasion at Duddell’s, a Chinese restaurant. However, these aren't the only ones and you can find hot cross buns, delicious lamb roasts and tantalizing oysters all over London. With the limitless options available, one can keep gorging delicacies all through the weekend.

Easter Basket for a dear one

If your near one is working in London, and hasn’t been able to visit you this Easter, then don’t forget to send them an Easter basket loaded with Easter eggs, chocolates, candies and more. You can always count on reliable money transfer intermediaries that can help you make swift payments to ensure timely delivery of your precious gifts. With children visiting neighbours for sweetmeats and little tots hunting for colourful Easter eggs, this is one of the most cherished celebrations in London. So, it would not be a bad idea to make a quick trip to this bustling city, for some fun and frolic this Easter. Just don’t forget to take your young ones along, as this is your best chance to introduce them to a very significant facet of the English culture. Encourage them to participate in the Easter trails and give them the chance to make you proud.