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The best apps to save money this year

For people living in the United Kingdom, both residents and immigrants alike, austerity is the order of the day with cost of life rising with each passing day. As almost every other person in the country is in possession of a smart phone, there are apps that can help you save some money this year.

It is important to make sure that you save money even if it becomes an annoying task. It is essential to exercise that personal financial control and seek for apps and schemes that help you save some money with temporary surrender of the cash you have on hand. Smart phones will come in handy. There are numerous apps available today that will help you save considerable amount of hard-earned money and even invest for you. Such apps are obviously better than many other alternatives, when used wisely. These apps help save money and they will help avoid attacks of anxiety.

Digit - The best app to save money is DIGIT – This smart phone app helps calculate what you can save and then set it aside. It offers one per-cent savings bonus every quarter. Digit is a service which has turned many residents in the United Kingdom on to it through its savings apps. It is a service that is based on text messages which connect people to their bank accounts and uses types of artificial intelligence to help make smaller withdrawals based on the account balances. You can now send your commands through this app or through text messages to save amounts on a daily basis or deposit money into your savings accounts or send cash amounts back to the bank account. The main focus and purpose of the app is to make small withdrawals in order to help you save, without much effort on your part.

Mint – This app will help you keep a track of all the financial activity from all your bank accounts. They could be checking accounts or savings accounts or even retirement accounts. Each transaction gets recorded automatically and it is categorised. Mint will make a note of the spending patterns and it will help create a budget for you. It is available for iOS, Android smart phones and tablets. You will able to see graphs of your cash flow and your net worth. This app is protected by password and you can deactivate access through the website of Mint.

YNAB – (You Need a Budget) - This app gives incredible details but its budget interface is quiet easy to use. Its software functions on four principles – Give every pound a job, start saving for rainy days, roll on with punches and live well on the income of last month. Its main purpose is to alter the way money is managed and it helps in the creation of finances that are stress-free. The app allows users to keep a check on their account transactions as well as budgetary restrictions, while they are on the go and it is suitable for both Android and iOS operating systems on the smart phones and tablets.

RetailMeNot – This unique app gives you access to thousands of coupons where users can browse through them and chalk out deals of their choice from various retailers. They can save the coupons that they want to use and receive notifications for the expiry dates of those particular coupons. They can also search for the deals being offered at the nearest stores of the retailers to their location. The coupons need not be printed; they can be shown through the smart phones at the payment registers. The app is available for both iOS and Android smart phones.

Check out these money-saving apps and they will help you manage your finances well while helping you learn how to save your money!