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Martisor, the time when love blooms

Time to pick red and white tassels for the ones you care and love, because it’s time for Martisor. The month when you can protect your beloved from Baba Dochia and her types. Martisor, which translates to ‘Little March’, is the best season of the year, when young hearts exchange red and white tassels. Besides, this festival of spring, celebrated by Moldavians and Romanians, is the best time of the year to show your concern and affection towards your loved ones. Although we may never know for sure, whether Martisor is Dacian or Romanian, here’s the most popular legend. The legend of Baba Dochia, the mother of Dracobete, who was half angel and half human.

The Legend of Baba Dochia

Legend has it that the old hag Baba Dochia, known for her notoriety sent her daughter-in-law to the
forest, on a nearly impossible errand. She asked the young bride, whom her son Dragobete had
married without her consent, to never return until the following task was accomplished.
Baba Dochia handed a black-colored woollen cloth to the young woman, and asked her to wash it
until it turned white. Now, the young bride washed the black cloth several times, but in vain.
However, yearning to return to her beloved husband, the young bride tried washing several times.
This was nothing short of a plot, to separate the two young hearts. However, Baba Dochia’s plans
were foiled when there was a divine intervention, and Jesus himself appeared and handed a flower
to the young bride. He asked the woman to wash the black woollen cloth with it, which she did and
the cloth indeed turned white.
Soon after, the woman returned with the cloth, and evil Baba Dochia mistook it to be an indication
of the changing season, and decided to head for the mountians. She then put on nine coats made of
wool, and went towards the mountains, and shed one coat each month. By the ninth month, it
began to snow and Baba Dochia froze to death atop the mountain.
So, whether or not you have a Baba Dochia in your life, a great way to celebrate Spring is by sending
a gift to your special one. If you are wondering what to pick, then here are some useful suggestions.
5 Best Gifts Ideas on the occasion of Martisor
Earlier, it started off with the exchange of black and white bands, which later changed to red and
white tassels. Men gave this to the women they cared about, which women wore, and by the end of
March, tied to a fruit tree. They believed that by doing so, certain magical powers were invoked,
which gave them sound health all through the year.
Now if you have someone special on your mind, whom you wish to send a gift this Martisor, then
here’s a list of things to consider.

1. The Martisor Spring Charm

It is an absolute delight for any woman to receive this simple yet touching symbol of appreciation,
love and concern. So go ahead and send one to express yourself in the most classic manner. You can
pick from an assortment of options available on the various online stores such as Etsy and Amazon.
Although traditionally, these included just threads, but now you can find them in countless designs.
You can also look up for something more authentic, straight from the Moldavian cottage industries,
which still use wool and dye to make the Martisor string.

2. Martisor Charm with a piece of jewellery
Although traditionally the Martisor charm was made of wool, you can find several versions of it. The
most endearing version, for any woman, is the one embedded with a piece of jewellery in it, often as
a pendant. This exquisite gift is perfect to charm your beloved, especially if you live away from your
dear one. It shows that you want your precious darling, to always remain protected.

3. Martisor String with a Gold or Silver Coin
If you are in a long-distance relationship, and intend to soon reunite with your beloved, then charm
her with this gift and a note. Send her a Martisor string with a gold or silver coin, with a note to tell
her you’ll be there in time to share the cheese and red wine.
Legend has it that any woman who uses this coin to buy cheese and red wine, after tying the string
to a fruit tree, will be blessed with health and luck, all through the year.

4. Flowers and Chocolates
There’s perhaps no woman in this world, who doesn’t appreciate a bunch of Spring flowers, on a
special occasion such as Martisor. If sending a Martisor String sounds too plain, then you can send
some chocolates and spring flowers along with it. There are hundreds of florists online, who can
deliver a bouquet to your beloved, no matter where she is.

5. Gift Basket
You can also consider looking up for an entire Martisor gift basket for your beloved. This generally
includes red wine, Martisor string, Martisor card, cheese and chocolates. However, you need to
confirm the contents with the concerned seller. Some sellers even let you customize your Martisor
gift basket, so that you can add a personal touch to it and impress your special one.
Legends may differ, but the celebration of love continues in Romania and Moldova. If you plan to
visit either of these places, then Spring is definitely the best time and Martisor, the best occasion. In
the present day, Martisor strings come with a ton of decoration, and fancy medallions that you can
choose from. Also, you can go a step further and personalize the medallion and send it over to your
special one.

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