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Knowing Birmingham

Migrants into United Kingdom and visitors will be constantly amazed by the sheer variety of attractions that Birmingham has to offer to them. This city has galleries of world class; its museums are inspiring and stimulating. The chocolate factory is something that cannot be missed. The number of attractions is so big that it is not easy to pack them all in while planning your itinerary for your visit to Birmingham. The city is popularly known as `Brum’.

Know a little about Birmingham’s history

This city’s history will reveal its growth of almost one thousand four hundred years. It has evolved during this time from a small hamlet in the seventh century on the edge of the Arden Forest. Today, it has transformed into a key city through a blend of innovation and immigration and a civic pride that has motivated many economic and social reforms after the Industrial Revolution. Birmingham has also inspired the growth and development of many other industrial towns all over the world.

The last couple of hundreds of years have seen this city rise from a simple market town to become one of the fastest growing cities of the twenty-first century. Civic investment and commercial innovation has spurred this kind of growth. The influx of immigrant workers into the suburbs of Birmingham has also helped to a very big extent in contributing to the commercial advancement of this place. It is a metropolitan hub of the United Kingdom today with its automotive and manufacturing industries. It has earned a reputation for itself as a unique city of canals, cars and as an important shopping destination in Europe. The metropolis of Birmingham is now surrounded by key manufacturing, educational, conferencing and shopping facilities.

Facts that every immigrant residing in the United Kingdom should know about Birmingham

The city of Birmingham attracts more than thirty million visitors every year and out of these visitors, a million are tourists from abroad. This metropolis is hailed as one of the most important cities not only in the United Kingdom but in the entire continent of Europe. The New York Times has placed Birmingham in their rankings of the top twenty places to visit anywhere in the world. A million people live in this city.

Almost forty per cent of the population in Birmingham belongs to the age group under twenty five years. This place has five major universities and over seventy thousand students. Its international airport is the third biggest in the country. The city is located right in the heart of the English isles and ninety per cent of all the important regions in the United Kingdom are just four hours away.

Other cities are envious of Birmingham because it has six million trees on offer and there are more parks here than in any other city in the whole of Europe. Birmingham has been awarded gold medals from ‘National Britain in Bloom’ and `Chelsea Flower Show’ for an amazing fourteen times already.

The Central Library in Birmingham is the busiest building and it is the largest library open to public. It lends more than eight million books every year. The city is also known for its canals; it has more canals than Venice and they stretch up to fifty-six kilometres of waterways. These canals were the creation of its industrial past. As the Industrial Revolution began, the canals were used essentially for transporting raw materials and goods. They have helped in the growth and development of British commerce.

Birmingham’s unique history makes it one of the most inspiring places in Britain for nationals and migrants to visit along with tourists. Almost one-third of the residents in Birmingham are of an ethnic minority origin. They have helped bring in richness of culture to this city. The second largest city in the United Kingdom is well known for its industrial background and for its business activities besides offering plenty of attractions full of music, arts and culture.