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8 tips to use the new app of Small World

Do you need help to use the new App? Here we explain how to get the most out of it and also solve the most common doubts. Discover how easy it is to send money how and when you want with Small World! 

​​​1. Registering and Logging in

1) Log in: If you already have an account, select the country where you are sending money from, and enter here your email and password.

2) Get Started: tap on this button if this is your first time operating with Small World.


2. Checking the rate of the day
With the App you can check the current exchange rate at any moment. Wether you have an account or not, here we explain both cases:

a) If your session is open:

1. Select above, the beneficiary that you are interested in sending money to and you will immediately see the rate (remember that you can swipe left to see more beneficiaries). If you don't have any beneficiaries yet, please check point 3 "Creating a beneficiary".

2. Enter the amount you want to send, or you can also enter the amount you want your beneficiary to receive in his local currency. You will see how the currency adapts

b) If you don't have an account:

1. Tap on "Try out" in order to use the App without login

2. The "Send to" will show the calculator. Select the destination country and you will immediately see the rate.

3. Does the rate look interesting?
Don't miss the opportunity! tap on the continue button and it will take you to the register/login screen. You will be able to place your order in the moment.

3. Create a beneficiary
1. Login to your account, you will see that you appear in the "send to" section.

2. Now tap the left circle with a "+" located in the top left of the screen near to your beneficiaries. This will open the form for creating a new beneficiary.


4. Edit beneficiaries

1. Login and access your "Account" by swiping twice to the left

2. Tap the squared button named "My Beneficiaries"

3. The screen will load a list with all your beneficiaries. Select the one you are interested in editing.

4. In the top right there are 3 dots arranged vertically, when you tap this button it will display the option to edit (with iPhone you will see the word "Edit")

5. Now you can edit the beneficiary information. Once you are ready to save the changes, tap the green button "DONE" located in the bottom of the screen.


5. Want to download the receipt of your transaction?​

1. Login to your account, and enter "Status"
2. Select the transaction you want to check

3. Tap the button "Show receipt"
4. Depending your Smartphone, the receipt will show on the screen and will give different download options

Note: the App may ask for more permissions in order to save the receipt


6. Edit your profile information​

1. Go to the "Account" section

2. Tap on the blue label that has your name and username on it.

3. Tap on the pencil icon on the top right and you will have access to edit your personal information.

7. Change my Password​

1. In the "Account" section, you will see the settings button.

2. Tap on "Change password"

3. Now, enter the old password and the new one as indicated

8. I forgot my password

In the login screen, there is a text that says "Forgot password", it's located beneath the field where you enter your password. If continue having problems with your password after this, please contact customer service.