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Image Blog Post 6 Places to eat the best Peruvian food in Britain

6 Places to eat the best Peruvian food in Britain

Since a new wave of Peruvian restaurants started opening in London in 2012, this particular brand of Andean cuisine has taken Britain by storm.

It helps that dishes like ceviche perfectly align to the trend for clean eating: food-lovers want to enjoy a delicious meal, without having to regret the choice from a healthy point of view. It is so that establishments like Chotto Matte, Lima Floral and Pachamama have become some of the best-known restaurants in London. The downside is, these are also quite pricey.

So is there a way of enjoying authentic Peruvian fare without paying Mayfair prices for it? And can you actually find any Andean joints outside of London? We’ve found out for you.


1-2. Ceviche & Casita Andina

Martin Morales is the ‘father’ of London’s Peruvian food trend, so Ceviche must be mentioned. In this establishment, all fish for the ceviches is sustainably sourced. Morales’s latest venture - also based in Soho - is called Casita Andina, taking inspiration from picanterias, small family-run restaurants usually found in the Andes.

Ceviche - 17 Frith St, London W1D 4RG

Casita Andina - 31 Great Windmill St, London W1D 7LP


3. From Peru to You

From Peru to You is more similar to a concept store than a restaurant. More simply, this is a lovely café is the small town of Frome, Somerset, that doesn’t just serve up food, but a bit of a Peruvian experience. The decor is made up of beautiful traditional Peruvian items, which you can also buy, since this quaint space also doubles up as a shop.

From Peru to You - 6a Badcox, Frome, BA11 3BQ


4. Señor Ceviche

Señor Ceviche first gained popularity as a pop-up set up by Harry Edmeades, a 25-year-old British chef, upon his return from a stint at Lima’s renowned ceviche restaurant El Mercado.

The menu was simple to begin with: just five ceviches (raw fish cured in citrus juice). They were obviously done right, as such was the success, that Señor Ceviche has now got a permanent venue in Kingly Court, the hugely popular shopping courtyard just off Carnaby Street.

Señor Ceviche - Kingly Court, London, W1B 5PW


5. Peru Sabor

Peru Sabor is a street food and events catering company based in Berkshire. Find them at various events, or hire them to give your own celebration a Peruvian flavour. The founder hails directly from Peru, so there’s no doubt over the recipes’ authenticity. Expect dishes completed with ajillo marillo (yellow chilies), rocoto (red chilies), and quinoa, combined with fresh, locally produced meat and herbs.

Peru Sabor - various locations in Berkshire


6. Chica

A new entry in the popular Bold Street area of Liverpool, Chica only opened in 2016, but has already been hailed as ‘1 of 3 Best South American Restaurants in England’ by The Sunday Times. It works very well as both a restaurant and a bar, with its menu of small plates, or the selection of delicious pisco sours (the Peruvian classic for cocktail lovers).

As well as authentic Peruvian flavours, Chicha’s decor is also very carefully curated, with hand-made vases and masks, hand-decorated sinks and ornate mirrors, imported directly from Cusco.

Chica - 55 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4EU