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5 best Pakistani recipes

Pakistani cuisine is a blend of flavours of several South Asian countries, especially similar to North Indian cuisine including more meat-dishes and influences from other neighbouring regions. Pakistani dishes are very seasoned and spicy and include Halal products (allowed to consume by Islamic law). Today we discover the 5 best Pakistani recipes:

• Biryani

It is a very traditional mixed rice dish from the Indian subcontinent. It is usually made with either chicken or lamb and served with a special yoghurt called raita. The key of this recipe is to marinate the meat for one hour in spices and to use Basmati rice.

• Moon Daal

Daal means ¨lentils¨ and this dish can be served with either rice or naam. Most Pakistanis and Indians incorporate daal daily in their diet, as the variations are endless. Moon Daal is the most famous and it is made with: cumin, garlic chopped cloves, cilantro, dried red chillies and garam masala. Do not forget to add fresh mint before serving for a special taste.

• Nihari

If you like slow cooking, this is your dish. Traditionally made as a lamb stew, modern versions also accept chicken or any other kind of meat. Coriander, lime and chillies are the base of the flavours although it includes as well spices like: cumin, fennel, cloves and cardamom to make the garam masala.

• Haleem

It is a very famous stew in many Asian countries, which consequently admits many variations even though it always includes: wheat, barley, lentils and meat. It is usually sold as a snack in countries where this dish is popular, especially during Ramadan, but in Pakistan it is available all year.

• Mango Lasi

A yoghurt-based drink that is perfect to accompany any of the dishes above. The most famous one is made with mango even though there are different variations using other fruits. It is rather sweet and helps to moderate very spicy flavours.


Photo: Vegan Richa