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Image Blog Top events in London

Published on 19-10-2017

Top events in London

While there are many events, festivals and celebrations in London and surrounding areas each year, there are a few that are stand out a bit more than the rest. If you do a little research, you are sure to find events you would like to attend and that appeal to you, but here are the top 10 events in London every year:

Image Blog Diwali celebrations in London

Published on 17-10-2017

Diwali celebrations in London

London will be hosting Diwali celebrations in Trafalgar Square on the 15th October this year. This will be the 16th celebration hosted of Diwali hosted at this venue. Diwali is the festival of lights, which is one of the Sikh, Hindu and Jain festivals. The celebrations are a riot of color, lights, music and dance. There are many authentic food stalls to obtain traditional foods as well as community and craft stalls. The celebrations have been attended by more than 35000 people each year and visitors can take part in yoga and henna art as well as watching dancing and comedy.

Imagen Blog Post Things you must know before renting a room in the United Kingdom

Published on 13-10-2017

Things you must know before renting a room in the United Kingdom

Competition is fierce for room rentals in the United Kingdom. As a result, many people seeking to hire accommodation often rush into tenancy agreements and they ignore potential pitfalls. There is a high level of demand for rooms, flats and houses in many populous parts of United Kingdom. Many tenants are under pressure to accept the terms and conditions offered by their landlords without going through those terms carefully. Failure to understand the fine print and assessing potential room charges leave many a tenant feeling totally ripped off by his or her landlord.

Image Blog Post Children’s Day in Brazil

Published on 11-10-2017

Children’s Day in Brazil

Dia das Criancas or Children’s Day will be celebrated on 12th October this year in Brazil. It coincides with Brazils’ holiday for its Patron Saint. It is also referred to as ‘Our Lady of Aparecida’ Day. Brazil is one of those countries in this world that have very deep roots in Catholicism. On this day, besides celebrating the importance of children, people also venerate Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Aparecida. This day also marks the finding of the clay statue of Virgin Mary by three fishermen when they were trying to spread their nets. After failing to have any catch, they invoked Our Lady of Aparecida. Their prayers were answered and they came across a clay statue of hers followed by a big catch. They honoured the Governor of Sao Paulo by holding a banquet for him.