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Published on 16-04-2019

Things to do on Easter, in London

Easter commemorates the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ, on the third day from his crucifixion. It also marks the end of Lent, the forty-day fasting which commences from Ash Wednesday and concludes on Holy Saturday. Next comes the most-awaited Easter Sunday! Although Easter is celebrated worldwide, with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, still London manages to steal the show with the countless events that go on for almost a month. While the Churches offer special services, and plays such as Passion of Jesus, there are also certain other options to look forward to. One can also attend the egg trails and fairs organized all over London. In fact, London’s every nook and corner speaks of the sacrifices of the divine during the 3-Day celebrations. Starting from Good Friday, this 3-Day celebration attracts tourists from all over the world.

Published on 12-04-2019

Challenges and Confrontations of the Financial Sector

Online banking is beyond doubt, still an evolving stream of business operations, which has had its share of challenges, and has emerged from time to time. Studies show that at least 49 percent of businesses were the victims of cyber criminals, who stash away money through unauthorized access.

Published on 27-03-2019

Graduation day in Philippines – A milestone achieved!

Graduation Day or the moving-up ceremony in Philippines is a day of honour for the students, and the most cherished one for their families. Witnessing their children graduate to the next academic level sure fills them with pride and joy. Falling in the months of March or April, the graduation day is one of the most awaited ceremonies in Philippines.

Published on 21-03-2019

Holi — celebrating the victory of virtue over vice

Holi is a prominent Indian festival, celebrated with great pomp and show by Indians all over the world. After all, this lively festival is all about coming together and celebrating with one’s family and friends. In London, Holi is the most-awaited Hindu festivals and is celebrated with loud music, colourful water fountains and parties all over the city. All of that sure makes it one of the best times to visit London.