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Small World Money Transfer
Small World Financial Services - Finanzas
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We offer commercial support, training services and marketing material.

Giros Don Pedro

Giros Don Pedro is a company that was created under the Family values and for families. We pride ourselves in saying that we are part of Small World / LCC. We are sure that by working together, we will accomplish all our goals. Thank you Small World / LCC.

Giros Don Pedro

Mauricio from London
Said from London

Small World / LCC is a great company to work with. They will share their experience and give  you the support you need to grow your business. I am proud to be partners with them. Thanks


Said from London
Jheff from London

I have been with LCC/Smallworld since I started my business in February 2013. Its straight-forward, easy and fast, with higher rates compared to any other international money transfer company. That's why my regular customers keep increasing. In addition, they have excellent and friendly agent support.



Jheff from Leeds, West Yorkshire
Job Offer London


Branch Floater - Polish Speaker

As a Floater, you required to work as a part of the team, have professional customer service experience, understanding the process of money transfer industry to the different countries and support your team and customers on a daily basis. Experience in processing orders for the Polish & European corridor would be an essential for this role.

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Facilities Coordinator - Job offer no longer available

Job purpose summary:

The facilities coordinator will responsible for controlling the total maintenance of the facilities, including the head office and all branches of the company in the UK.
It is a requirement of the role that the job holder holds a valid UK or EU Driving licence and are prepared to drive the company vehicle (currently a company van) as necessary when moving tools, materials, office equipment etc.

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent with the 6 month’s probation

Hours: 44 per week; Mon to Fri and Alternate Saturday with Flexible shift pattern

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