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Small World Money Transfer
Small World Financial Services - Finanzas
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Why Become an Agent?

We offer commercial support, training services and marketing material.

Said from London

Small World is a great company to work with. They will share their experience and give  you the support you need to grow your business. I am proud to be partners with them. Thanks


Said from London
Jheff from London

I have been with LCC/Smallworld since I started my business in February 2013. Its straight-forward, easy and fast, with higher rates compared to any other international money transfer company. That's why my regular customers keep increasing. In addition, they have excellent and friendly agent support.



Jheff from Leeds, West Yorkshire

It has been a pleasure to working with Small World, who are extremely efficient and reliable. Not only are we pleased with the service but our customers are happy knowing that they are dealing with a valuable business. 

Monrey MT

Reinerio from London
Sharof from London

Small World is the best company I have dealt with. The staff and service is impeccable and the company has enabled us to expand our business in the market.


Sharof from London
Pablo from London

At Ferro Services we feel so privileged to work and to be associated with Small World. It has been a pleasure these few years. The growth we’ve experienced over the years has been caused by your services and faithful support to our business. Small World has always met our customer services expectations and I am proud to be a part of the Small World team.

Ferro Services

Pablo from London
Accounts assistant


New Accounts Assistant

The role involves liaising with the sales manager, sales reps, agent support, compliance and IT to ensure agents are set up to trade for Small World.

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What is the Family Permit?

Family permit is a special visa designed for married couples with or without dependent children who wish to move to a new country. For non-EU couples and EU citizens within the UK who want to come to the UK, they must apply for a family permit and meet all the requirements for this type of visa. It is known as the EEA family permit and you can check for how long it is valid and what the eligibility requirements are. Usually such a permit is valid only for six months. When you hold a family permit, you are not refused entry under any circumstance. 

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Field Collection Officer – Covered position

Management of Agent credit process in the field, in an effective & timely manner to ensure agents are able to successfully operate whilst managing Small World’s Agent credit risk. Reaching out to customers through home or business visits to collect payment for overdue balances, payment plans or other payments are part of the role as well as acting as the liaison between LCC and agents.

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