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Same Month Transactions

If you want to send over €3 000 in one or more transactions in the same month, you must provide us with the following information:

1. Know Your Customer (KYC) form

2. Proof of funds:

  • If funds proceed from work or employment salary: 3 latest pay stubs
  • If funds proceed from unemployment or welfare benefits: Bank statement of the account in which the allowance is paid.
  • Bank loan: Loan agreement and bank statement of the account in which the loan has been credited, as well as the amount of the transaction deducted.
  • f you are unable to provide any of the above, you may provide an affidavit of occupation endorsed by a legal person, resident in Spain, providing copy of his or her national identity card (DNI) or resident card (NIE).

3. As the aggregate amount surpasses the quarterly limit, you must also provide us with the documents requested for "Same Quarter Transactions".