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​Send money to Benin with Small World

Why transfer money to Benin with Small World 

  • Good value: We have agreements with all major banks in Benin, e.g. Banque International du Benin (BIBE) or Banque de L Habitat du Benin (BHB).
  •  Simple: We work daily to offer you the easiest way to do your transfer, in just three steps: 1) Register, 2) Choose your beneficiary and 3) Pay online. Done...! You have just completed your transfer to Benin!
  • Secure: Send money to reputable payout locations, backed by Small World, a leading company that has send more than  35 millions transactions.
  • Fast: Sending Money online with Small World is a quick and easy process.An online transfer will take you less than two minutes and your beneficiary will receive the amount the same day or  within 48 hours. 
  • Several delivery methods: Your beneficiary can receive the money via home delivery, cash pick-up or bank deposit.
  • High Tech platform: We leverage our global scale, as well as our cutting edge payments technology.
  • Customer Service: Our call center professionals will support you and respond to any doubt you may  have about our service. You can contact the Small World Customer Service by phone or Chat online

It's easy  check the status of your money transfer order ! With your on line  MTN code you will be able to follow your transation status anytime you want.


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