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Small World Money Transfer
Small World Financial Services - Finanzas

How to carry out easy cash pick-ups

Cash Pick-Up

This service enables your beneficiary to pick up money at our available locations. All your beneficiary has to do is choose a location and show a valid ID document.  No extra charge.

Typically, the money will become available in less than 24 hours, but it depends on the country and the method of payment selected. Please contact us so you can be advised on the best options for your destination.

Easy steps to sending money:

On our Website:

1. Check our rates

2. Register on our website

3. Create a beneficiary

4. Confirm the payment (Debit card or Bank Transfer)

At our Stores or Agents:

1. Deposit money at one of our stores or agents

2. Create a beneficiary

Through our Call Center:

1. Deposit money in one of our bank accounts (availability may vary depending on the country)

2. Create a beneficiary through our Call Center

You can simulate your transaction by calling us or through our live help. There are also promotions for new customers that may be applicable to you.

Small World has its own branch offices as well as a network of over 5,000 agents worldwide. Find our locations.

If you want to find an agent or if you are an agent, we will be glad to help you. Contact us.

You can contact us and we will find the closest agent near you. You can also find a branch, use our call centre or send money online.

There is no applicable limit when sending money, as long as you can prove the source of the funds. Please ask us what documents you should provide to prove the origin of the funds. Review our compliance & regulations for more information.

To cancel a money transfer or request a refund, please contact us. Take note that we are unable to issue a refund if the transaction has been paid. Please see the terms and conditions

First you need to register as a customer. Usually you will only need to provide a valid ID document from your country of residence. In some cases, we will require you to fill in specific documents in accordance to compliance procedures. Registration is free

As proof of identification you can use a passport or an identity document pertaining to your country of residence. For the use of other types of documents, please contact us. Documents must be valid within the expiration date.