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Small World Money Transfer
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Best foreign exchange rates for businesses at Small World

Foreign Exchange

Do you have payable or receivable accounts in other currencies? You can manage your foreign exchange treasury among your bank accounts efficiently and simultaneously, even if you have accounts in different banks.  We offer same-day transactions with no extra commissions.

Whether you are a business, an SME or a corporation, you look for different ways to meet payments to foreign suppliers in a fast and effective way, thus reducing the financial costs resulting from international operations.

This service is suitable for small and medium enterprises from all industries that need to meet payments to suppliers, return revenues, deposit or invest quickly.  Make same day transactions, both in foreign or local currency.

Our added-value service is complementary to banking services and mainly focuses on three aspects:

  • Highly competitive exchange rates and transactional agility

  • No sign-up or maintenance fees

  • Your financial and non-financial expenses can be reduced up to 80% on upper-street bank fees, in a simple, transparent way, thus optimizing your costs.

Not at all. The payment account is a transfer vehicle. You will not need to hold a balance in your account to pay, nor are there does any sign-up or maintenance fees involved.

Once you are registered, just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Request or book a payment in by phone, e-mail or through our online service, providing proof of payment refered to your transaction, such as a supplier's invoice or any other document.

  2. Transfer funds to any of our accounts.

  3. Once received, your funds will be transferred same day to the payee.

Small World has a strong and lasting relationship with a broad network of correspondents and stable partners who are critical to our service, as this ensures synergies and process simplification. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures a safe and guaranteed service to agents, customers and partners, and a strict compliance procedures following AML policies and regulations worldwide. 

You can simulate your transaction by calling us or through our live help. There are also promotions for new customers that may be applicable to you.