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Small World Financial Services - Finanzas
Small World Money Transfer
Small World Financial Services - Finanzas

About Small World


We are a global leader and trusted money transfer service provider, offering a secure, fast and inexpensive way to send and receive money anywhere in the world.

We believe that sending money abroad should be a simple and secure process with good value.  Our global network provides a wide range of payment options – from bank account transfers, to cash pick-ups and mobile wallet top ups  – which allow clients to make payments to any country, no matter the currency. What’s more, this network ensures that payments can be collected in under 15 minutes, and bank accounts credited within hours.

Payment options include:

With 680 employees around the world, Small World Financial Services Group offers the best of local with the best of global business

Small World Financial Services Group runs on a multi-channel model, with in-country specialists all seeking to help our customers in the most personal way possible. Products and services for consumers and businesses are available in store, through a network of independent agent locations, over the phone, on our website and on our mobile app for Android and iOS.

We can send it, no matter the place

The team behind Small World Money Transfer are specialists in their fields and are continuously looking to help customers by recommending payment options which best benefit them inside their community.

Vision, Mission and Values

Small World FS is one of the world’s leading and most trusted payment services provider, specialising in offering highly localised customer service and market-specific payment solutions, through a network of over 230,000 locations worldwide. We aim to be an international financial service provider and a worldwide reference, thanks to our extensive network of offices, agents and payment points.

Our mission is to continue providing customers the best way to move money cheaply, efficiently and securely, year after year.