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Small World Money Transfer
Small World Financial Services - Finanzas

About us

LCC, as a member of the Small World group, is a global international payments operator which offers a secure, fast and inexpensive way to send and receive money anywhere in the world.

We believe that sending money abroad should be a simple, secure and good-value service.  Our twenty years of experience in the industry has helped us develop a state-of-the-art digital platform that enables our customers to make onsite, online and mobile payments to any country, and in any currency.  These payments can be delivered to bank accounts, picked up in cash, delivered in person, credited to a mobile wallet, credited to a card, or credited to a mobile phone account.

We leverage our global scale and cutting edge payment technology to bring our customers the best prices in the market.  We are also constantly looking for ways to help our customers further.

We offer our products and services to consumers and businesses directly through our worldwide network of branches and agents, as well as over the phone, on the internet and on your mobile. No matter where you are, we can send it.

Learn more about how to transfer money with LCC​ by reading our Frequently Asked Questions or reading about the specific services we offer some of our destination countries.

About us - Choice money transfer

Since 2003, Choice Money Transfer has been a leading and fast growing provider of consumer money transfer services, committed to service excellence, regulatory compliance, and sound management principles. Our services provide customers with the opportunity to send money instantaneously to worldwide locations through the utilization of an advanced telecommunications system.

The agent network serviced by Choice Money Transfer and its affiliates consists of a significant number of agent locations. Send money from USA and send money from Spain to over 100 countries worldwide. As we are specialised in money remittances, our mission is to continue being the leading money transfer company and cover the needs of migrants as they evolve in their new countries of residence.

That is why we work hard to always keep our values in mind: serve our customers with outstanding services, with dignity and respect, and working with the highest level of integrity to fulfill the standards of excellence you as a customer deserve. In 2011, Choice became part of the Small World Financial Services Group, the fastest growing money transfer operator in Europe. Small World is a global payment group operating from Western and Central Europe, Africa and the Americas