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Happy mothers day

Celebrate Mother's Day with Small World !

To all mothers in the world: Happy Mother's Day ! Small World celebrates this Day and offers a unique promotion: Send money Online with a 50% off, during 8 days!! 

To celebrate all the good things of life which are represented by our Mothers, we are happy to inform you about our special "8-days-for-Mom-Promotion". You will have the great opportunity to send money online with a 50% Off fees! From 2nd to 10th of May!*

This promotion is valid from this sending countries: Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Honduras, Perú, Uruguay, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, México

Do you want to send money to Brazil? Check this promotion for Brazilian Money Transfers

To redeem the promotion, please introduce the following code: MADRE

Please note: This promotion is also available for mobile application transfers. Download our App here

Don't miss this opportunity and send money with Small World to surprise your Mom and loved ones ! 

*This promotion is not valid from Belgium, Netherlands or Switzerland