Where's the best Filipino food in London?

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Looking for an authentic Filipino dining experience in London? Would you prefer some tasty street food or an exquisite sit-down meal in a Filipino restaurant?

The diverse and multicultural setting of London gives you plenty of opportunity for culinary exploration. Whatever kind of food you want you can bet that you can find it somewhere in London. And that’s true for Filipino food too.

Below we'll be exploring a number of topics to help you find the best Filipino food spots in London, including:

Filipino immigration to London

The most recent UK census showed that there were more than 130,000 Filipinos, and people born of Filipino descent, in the UK. The largest Filipino community in the country is based in London and, in particular, in the West London neighbourhood of Earl’s Court.

Filipinos have made their home in the UK for many years and there is a rich history of Filipino immigration to London, especially in West London. Every year the ‘Barrio Fiesta sa London’, a two-day festival of Filipino culture, is held in London. The event draws together thousands of Filipinos, people of Filipino descent and Londoners to celebrate Filipino culture, food, music and history.

As the flow of immigrants from the Philippines to London has grown over the years, more and more Filipino immigrants started to establish their own communities and businesses around the city. That’s when the best Filipino restaurants and street food stalls started to emerge…

Best Philippine street food spots in London

  • BBQ Dreamz (Various locations)

BBQ Dreamz is a meat-lovers paradise. Filipino food is great if you have an obsession with meat based meals. BBQ Dreamz is one of the best Filipino-inspired street food spots in London.

The initiative, started by Lee Johnson and Sinead Campbell, serves modern takes on classic Filipino street food. Here you can gorge yourself on Adobo glazed Chicken Wings or Pork Belly amongst various other Filipino treats including crispy pork, chicken satay curry and steaming hot rice.

BBQ Dreamz operates at a number of locations around London depending on the day of the week. On Thursday you can find them at Kerb West India Quay, on Friday at Kerb King’s Cross, and, at the weekend, at Brockley Market and Maltby Street Market on Saturday and at Victoria Park Market on Sunday.

  • Oh My Gulay (London Fields)

Head down to Broadway Vegan Market if you want to experience the rare delights of vegan Filipino food at the great pop-up food stall Oh My Gulay.

Filipino cuisine does not lend itself to a vegan diet.

Most Filipino meals are meat-based whether you’re talking about breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, the folks at Oh My Gulay have found a way to create tasty, meat-less versions of many staple Filipino dishes. Whether you are looking for Kaldereta stew or some delicious tofu Pancit, Oh My Gulay may be the right spot for you.

  • Filishack (Peckham)

Filishack is a fantastic, authentic Filipino food stall based on the heart of Peckham. British-Filipino brothers Jonathan and Justice Cacho were born in Peckham and decided to bring a taste of the Philippines to their neighbourhood and community.

Between Tuesday and Saturday you can visit Filishack to enjoy some Filipino food delights. The Grilled Chicken Inasal, packed full of flavours, is one of the standout meals on the menu and it has kept hungry customers coming back for many years.

Best Filipino restaurants in London

  • Bintang Restaurant

Located in between Camden and Kentish Town, Bintang Restaurant is a well-established and popular destination for Filipino food. Bintang has been part of the neighbourhood for over 35 years and is still going strong. They serve delicious short rib patties in pandesal buns as well as four different variations of silog. But that’s not all. They’re menu is broad and is the perfect place to visit if you want to try a variety of Filipino food for the first time.

  • Romulo Café & Restaurant

Looking for exquisite and classy Filipino food, Romulo Café and Restaurant might be the place for you. Located on Kensington High Street, Romulo Café Restaurant is family run and renowned by foodies as one of the best places to eat Filipino food in London.

They offer a number of menus including: a Tasting Menu, Bakery Menu, and A La Carte. Across each menu you can find a selection of some of the tastiest Filipino dishes such as Chicken Inasal Sisig, Gambas Al Ajillo, Pancit Chami, Banana Turon and Braso de Mercedes.

  • Mamason’s Dirty Ice Cream

Mamason’s Dirty Ice Cream is London’s first Filipino ice cream parlour. “Dirty Ice Cream” is the nickname for ice cream sold on the streets of Manila and it’s a nickname that has now become familiar on the streets of London too.

With their locations in Kentish Town, ChinaTown and Westfield they have established a peerless reputation within the city as a fun and authentic spot for Filipino desserts.

  • Kasa and Kin

Kasa and Kin is one of newests places to get great Filipino food in London. Their aim to raise the profile of Filipino cuisine and deliver contemporary Filipino flavours, has made them one of the most exciting spots to visit in London. With a broad range of delicious Filipino meats, sweets and after dinner treats, Kasa and Kin can deliver you the real Filipino dining experience of your dreams.

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