What is an AIS Card?

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Many Cubans, perhaps like yourself, emigrate abroad to pursue new work and life opportunities.

When settled down, they often want to support their loved ones back home by sending back some of the money they have earned in their new jobs. Once they have sent their funds home there are a number of ways for Cubans to access the money.

Today, one of the most convenient and efficient ways for Cubans to access money is by using an AIS card.

In this blog we will review why AIS cards have become so popular and how you can send money to AIS cards in Cuba.

In this blog we’ll explore a number of topics, including:

  • What is an AIS Card?
  • How do you get an AIS card?
  • Can you request an AIS Card online?
  • How do you send money via an AIS Card?
  • What are the advantages of sending money via an AIS Card?
  • Send Money with Small World

What is an AIS Card?

More and more Cubans are looking for alternatives to traditional bank deposits. Of all the alternatives that exist the one that has gained the most popularity in recent years is the AIS card.

An AIS card is a free debit card available in Cuba. AIS stands for “American International Service” and it is an acronym that many Cubans will be familiar with. The AIS cards have become a widely accepted payment method throughout the country and also enable Cuban citizens to easily receive money from abroad.

AIS cards are issued by the financial entity FINCIMEX. With these cards, Cubans in Cuba are able to receive money in a way that is quick and secure. The AIS card is capable of fulfilling many other standard daily financial functions. You can withdraw money from ATMs and make purchases in many establishments across the country.

An AIS card does have some limitations when being used as a card to make payments. In the case of limits per transaction, the cap for an AIS card is € 1,000. In addition there is also a quarterly usage limit that is approximately € 2,000.

How do you get an AIS card?

Ultimately, the process of getting an AIS card is fairly straightforward. FINCIMEX is in charge of issuing AIS cards. If you are based in Cuba it is easy to go to any FINCIMEX offices to request and collect an AIS card.

The process can take several days and the waiting time usually varies between fifteen and twenty working days. The length of the waiting time will depend on whether you are based in Havana or if you reside somewhere else in Cuba. In Havana the process is faster.

To collect the card you need to go to the same office where you requested the card. You must have your identity documents to be able to prove you are the person who made the request for the card and that is the only way to receive your card.

Can you request an AIS Card online?

Currently, it is not possible to process AIS card requests online. The best way to get an AIS card is by going to your nearest FINCIMEX office. As technology develops it is likely that eventually you will be able to request an AIS card online but for now you have to go in person.

How do you send money via an AIS Card?

With Small World you can transfer money to Cuba via an AIS Deposit. The process is simple and secure. When making your transfer go to the Small World website and choose the option to send money to Cuba. Then enter the amount of money you wish to transfer, select the “AIS Card” option and you’ll be ready to send money to your recipient's AIS card.

There are several ways to send money to an AIS Card. You can use your VISA or Mastercard and send money through the Small World app or website. Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer and send the money that way. Both methods are secure and quick and have already been used by millions of individuals around the world making money transfers.

It is not necessary to have a bank account in Cuba if you want to send money to an AIS card. With Small World the process will be seamless, and the recipient will quickly be able to use the transferred funds on the AIS card around shops, businesses and other establishments in Cuba.

What are the advantages of sending money via an AIS Card?

There are several advantages to using an AIS card including the convenience, speed and security of the whole process.

  • Convenience

Using an AIS card as a payment method is far more convenient than collecting and carrying around physical cash. With an AIS card you recipient can receive the money without ever leaving the comfort of their own home.

  • Speed

Without an AIS card it can sometimes take several days to make a money transfer. With an AIS card you can quickly send and receive money in a way that is simple and reliable.

  • Security

All transactions carried out using an AIS card are confidential. The privacy of the sender and the recipient is protected, and your money is also protected. When you send money to an AIS card in Cuba you can rest assured that the money will arrive safely and will be quickly usable by the recipient.

  • Accessible

An AIS card is an accessible way to send and receive money and make payments for anyone based in Cuba. This is especially important in rural areas where access to banks is often limited.

Send Money to Cuba with Small World

With Small World you can safely and easily send money to Cuba via AIS Deposit or a standard Bank Deposit.

The AIS card has helped to increase financial accessibility for thousands of Cubans and is making it easier for Cubans abroad to support their families and friends. At Small World we are focussed on helping immigrants securely and efficiently transfer money internationally which is why we’ve made it as easy as possible to transfer money to an AIS card.

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