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Pakistan cash pick-up

A large proportion of our customers at Small World who send money to Pakistan, do so for cash pick-up. This means their friend, family member or loved one simply travels to their nearest Small World location to collect the money shortly after it has been sent.

Therefore, the recent news that the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has permitted some banks across the country — specifically those at business centres and ports — to open on Saturdays is welcome ( Pakistan Today).

This means that there are more opportunities for people receiving remittances via cash pick-up to access their money at a time that is convenient for them.

So, how does cash pick-up work, and how can you send money to Pakistan to be collected as cash?

How does cash pick-up work when I transfer money to Pakistan?

Cash pick-up is a way to send money that avoids some, or all, online activity. It means money sent to Pakistan can be accessed by your recipient through an agent or other designated pick-up locations (including many bank branches).

However, in order to pick up cash sent with Small World, it is important to note that your beneficiary does not necessarily have to have access to a bank or a bank account. There are over 8,020 locations for cash pick-up across Pakistan, so one is bound to be convenient for your loved ones.

Accessing cash is easy: after you have completed the transaction, your recipient will have to provide the agent with certain details — often a PIN or equivalent — you are given when the transaction is set up.

While the exact process differs around the world, this mean the transaction remains secure from beginning to end so long as these details are not shared.

How can I send money to Pakistan for cash pick-up? 

You can transfer money for cash pick-up using:

  • The Small World website
  • Via our app
  • By phone
  • Or, by visiting an agent yourself.

See the Small World website for more details on each of these options, or read our recent article on using our money transfer app for the first time.

Is cash pick-up my only option when sending money to Pakistan?

No. While cash pick-up remains one of the most popular ways to send local currency to Pakistan, it is definitely not the only option. The news that banks are opening on Saturdays means it’s also easier to access Small World’s other services.

Bank deposit: More access to banks, means it’s easier than ever for your recipient to open a bank account and receive their remittance instantly. Bank deposit is completely secure and you send money directly to a bank account in any of the ways stated above.

Mobile Wallet: If your recipient doesn’t have a bank account, but would like instant access to digital money, a mobile wallet is a great option. Again, completely secure, see our blog about sending money to Pakistan using a mobile wallet and read on for a little more information about our partnership with Easypaisa.

Airtime top-up: If staying in touch is your priority, you can also transfer money to your recipient’s mobile provider, which they will receive as airtime.

Furthermore, here’s why it’s a great time to start sending money to Pakistan, due to a number of additional incentives as part of the country’s ‘National Remittance Loyalty Programme’.

The most popular ways to send money to Pakistan

  1. Cash Pick-up
  2. Bank Deposit
  3. Mobile Top-up

And don’t forget, your first online transfer is fee-free.

Our main partners in Pakistan are: MCB Bank, Wall Street, UBL, National Bank of Pakistan, Bank Alfalah, Allied Bank, Soneri Bank, JS Bank, and Bank AL Habib.

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