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02 Sep 2020 - Category:
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After an unimaginably difficult few months, there are signs that things are looking up for global remittances.

Reuters recently reported that remittances to Pakistan reached a single month high in July, rising to the equivalent of $2.768bn (a 36.5% year-on-year increase). Here in the UK, the government has partnered with Switzerland to launch an appeal to mitigate any decline in remittances to low-income countries due to the impact of Covid-19.

By bringing much of daily life to a halt, the pandemic has led to the increased use of digital money transfer options. Now though, with lockdown easing and branches and agents open once again, people who prefer the reassurance of a face-to-face transaction and find it easier to deal with physical cash can once again send money in person.

This desire has been reflected in the renewed attraction of our agent network, making it an ideal time to join the Small World family. Do you want to find out what it means for our customers to be able to send money home easily and efficiently through the existing agent network? Have a read of our recent article where we talk to customers about his very topic.

What is a money transfer agent?

Agents are businesses who provide money transfer services alongside their primary offerings. For example, you could be a newsagent, grocery store, hairdresser or even a café, and, by partnering with someone like Small World, your customers are able to send money internationally through your shop or premises.

This is good news for your business, your customers and those receiving money all around the world.

Using an agent, customers can send money to be collected in person or digitally as a bank deposit, making it a flexible option suited to the needs of all recipients.

The Small World agent network

Our aim is to provide money transfer services to as many as people as possible which is why, with shops and businesses in the UK continuing to open up, we are expanding our network of money transfer agents.

With more agents, it will be even more convenient for people in the UK to send money to their friends and family – making the world a smaller place and bringing financial inclusion to those who are currently outside of the banking system.

Why should you become a Small World agent?

Recent months have been incredibly difficult for many small businesses. Becoming an agent gives your business the chance to diversify and, as a result of the extra footfall you will be bringing through the door, expand your existing customer base.

You will also earn income through the transactions you make as a Small World agent. Not only will you make a commission on money transfers there are additional financial benefits that we offer.

These are the seven key benefits of becoming a Small World agent:

  • Zero start-up fee - it won’t cost you anything to become a Small World agent.
  • Zero stock to buy
  • Great rates to attract new customers
  • Competitive commission on each transaction
  • Training and local language support provided
  • Regular promotions
  • All in-store promotional material provided

We are an established and trusted money transfer company and our agents can be safe in the knowledge that they are partnered with a reputable business.

Did you know that 60% of our reviews on Trustpilot rate us as excellent? Many comment on our reliability, trustworthiness, speed and efficiency, making us an ideal partner for you.

What kind of support will Small World provide?

When you become a Small World agent you become a member of our network of motivated, enthusiastic and ambitious partners, helping our money transfer services reach more people than ever.

It is greatly important to us that we provide support to all of our agents and we have a dedicated agent website where you can see all of the relevant details. We also provide online agent training, helping you give the best possible service to your new customers and maximise the potential of working with Small World.

There really is no better time to visit our agent site and get started.

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