How can I send money to Pakistan?

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It is important that we provide as many options as possible to our customers. We want it to be an easy process, one that allows you to send money back to Pakistan from the UK in the way that works best for your friends and family.

In this blog we will talk you through the different ways you can transfer money and look at the simple steps it will take for you to do so. Once you have set up an account with Small World you can immediately send money to Pakistan online.

How to send money to Pakistan with Small World

1. Select ‘Pakistan’ as the country and choose the type of money transfer/payout service you will be using, the destination currency will be set to Pakistan Rupee.

2. Enter the details of your beneficiary including their name, email address, mobile phone number and address

3. Depending on the payout service you are using you will be asked to enter additional information.

Cash pick-up:

Enter your beneficiary details and the amount you want to send, choose the location for pick-up and then enter the required additional information including the purpose of your transaction, relationship with beneficiary, source of funds and country of birth.

Bank deposit:

Enter your beneficiary details and their bank details including IBAN number - IBAN for Pakistan has a standard length of 24 characters and it can be validated or generated from each bank website. Then enter the amount you wish to send and the required additional information. With more people than ever using smartphones, you can also use the Small World app. It only takes two minutes to set up an account and you’ll then be able to send and monitor your money transfers. This blog will take you through the simple steps needed to get started.

It is also possible to send money at a Small World branch or over the phone with the help of one of our call centre operators.

What are the most popular ways to send money?

To make sure we are constantly improving the service to those who send money to Pakistan, as well as other countries across the word, the team at Small World monitor how customers send, when they send and what the most popular methods are. Let’s have a look at some of those popular ways to make a money transfer to Pakistan:

  • Cash pick-up: Money can be sent for collection at any one of our 7,379 locations across Pakistan. This is a popular option for recipients without a bank account.

  • Bank Deposit: Pakistan Rupees can be deposited directly into a bank account in minutes.

  • Airtime Top-up: As well as sending money to a bank account or for collection, you can also transfer it to a mobile provider as airtime.

Is it a good time to send money to Pakistan?

Now is an ideal time to send money to Pakistan. One reason for this is that the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has recently permitted some banks across the country to open on Saturdays. You can read further details here, but this is good news as it means people receiving remittances via cash pick-up can now collect their money on a Saturday.

Additionally, anyone sending money to Pakistan can benefit from the incentives which were introduced as part of the ‘Government’s National Remittance Loyalty Programme’. You can find out how you can benefit from this collaboration between major commercial banks and government agencies in this blog on the Small World website.

These policies and incentives help to explain why, as reported by, October 2020 saw a 14.1% year-on-year increase in remittances to Pakistan and the period of July to October a 55.7% increase in year-on-year increases from the UK.

What else should you know about sending money with Small World?

It is cheaper to send money with us than to use a bank. We offer better exchange rates and lower transfer fees, which we are also constantly checking against our competitors. We also work closely with key partners such as National Bank, Allied Bank and MCB Bank to ensure that our services are available to as many people as possible.

In order to give our customers even more value for money, your first digital transfer with us is also fee free.

With so many options available to your recipients, it really has never been easier to send money to Pakistan.

The most popular ways to send money to Pakistan

  • Cash Pick-up
  • Bank Deposit
  • Mobile Top-up

Our main partners in Pakistan are: MCB Bank, Wall Street, UBL, National Bank of Pakistan, Bank Alfalah, Allied Bank, Soneri Bank, JS Bank, and Bank AL Habib.

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