Going digital: How to transfer money internationally without leaving the house

24 Apr 2020 - Category: Blog /
Going digital

In the current climate of COVID-19 and with the UK announcing that lockdown will be continuing into May, what’s normal for us all is rapidly changing. Despite some countries relaxing rules, we have no idea how long these restrictions are going to last across the globe. We don’t know what the longer-term impacts might be either.

The reality is a large number of people may be reluctant to go venture out even once they have the freedom to and many services that people have been relying on are being impacted in different ways. Our personal habits are having to change too, and having unrestricted access to digital functions, platforms and tools is becoming more important every single day.

For global money transfer, many agents that usually provide cash pick up services are closed or running a vastly reduced service meaning that people relying on this are having to find alternative options. So, if you want to transfer money home, what are your options? And why bother to make the move to digital transfer?

Why choose to transfer money abroad digitally?

First and foremost, sending money online means you can transfer money from the comfort of your home. Travelling restricted to errands that are strictly necessary, so this has moved digital transfers from an alternative option to absolute necessity for many.

In a more general sense, digital transfer has another huge benefit too, it saves time. Once your account is up and running, sending money home online can be done in a few simple steps, removing the need for sender and beneficiary to spend time queueing unnecessarily. Moreover, digital international money transfer can often happen instantly, with the money leaving your account and landing in the recipient's in a matter of seconds.

So, now that you’re convinced, what are your options? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. International money transfer with Small World is safe, secure and reliable and offers real-time tracking so you can keep checks on your money at all times.

Digital money transfer options

Going digital does not limit your choices, in fact it opens up a whole range of different options. Taking the global uncertainty into account, now is the perfect time to set up a way to make non-contact international transference a part of your new normal.

 1.  App

Small World’s mobile app — available from the Apple Store and on Google Play — offers customer support in the local language and money is transferred in three simple steps from start to finish. It allows you to see the status of any transfers and offers access to all promotions and codes. Download the app and register for the service to get started.

 2.  Send money direct to bank

If you prefer not to use your phone, you can easily transfer money using a web browser. Again, it is simple and secure. You’ll need to register on the Small World webpage using a valid e-mail address and fill in the information required. Once registered, all that you need to do is choose the country, the delivery method and provide the beneficiary details and amount. You’ll then pay the transaction to Small World using a bank account or bank card in your name, issued in the country from where you are sending, and the transfer will be set up. For more information on what you need from your beneficiary to set this up, click here.

3. Mobile wallet

A virtual wallet that stores payment card information on a mobile device, a mobile wallet is a smartphone app that stores credit card, debit card, coupons, or reward card information. The information stored in the app is protected by some form of personal identification format (a PIN or an image of the owner, for example) to each card that is stored. Sending money to a recipient’s money wallet through Small World is quick and easy.

4. Phone

Alternatively, money can be sent securely over the phone too. In order to do this, you must take a photograph of your ID and email it to the Small World Call Centre email address. Transfer the amount of money you are sending home to Small World (using these bank account details) and then call the call centre to review and confirm your transaction.
To get started, visit the Small World website or download the app and join 15 million customers sending money internationally to more than 90 countries. For more information on what is needed from the recipient of your money, click here.

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