Coronavirus Updates on Claiming Refunds for Rescheduled Events

11 Mar 2020 - Category: Blog /
Rescheduled Events

Coronavirus updates dont seem to end and have disrupted the travel and tourism sector like neverbefore. This pandemic continues to threaten nations across the globe with world leaders imposingsevere restrictions on public gatherings. Proactive governments, celebrities, and organizers have beenactively discouraging public gatherings by cancelling or rescheduling events.

So, if you are worried about your tickets to the Six Nations Rugby matches or any other event that hasbeen cancelled or rescheduled, then heres all that you need to know about claiming a refund. In fact,well also try to cover up whether or not you can claim refunds for other reservations such as youraccommodation and air tickets, which you may have already paid for.

Can the Government cancel events and shows in the UK?

Governments all over the world, including the UK reserve the right to make decisions to protect the bestinterests of its citizens and issue coronavirus updates in this regard. A similar power is vested on theGovernment of UK, which reserves the right and the power to cancel or regulate public gatheringsduring this tough phase. The Government of UK has been prepared to tackle such situations and have anaction plan ready to deal with the COVID 19 or the Coronavirus outbreak. So, the answer is in affirmative The government may order for the cancellation or rescheduling of events that havent been called offuntil now.

Coronavirus Updates on Major Sporting Events

Sporting events all over the world have been interrupted due to the COVID 19 outbreak with countriestaking strict measures to contain the virus. China, the worst-hit coronavirus victim in the world haspostponed Chinese Grand Prix, which was earlier scheduled to be held on 19 th April 2020. In themeantime, Bahrain has decided to keep the Bahrain Grand Prix shut for fans amid Coronavirus concerns.

Several football and rugby matches scheduled to be held in March and April were ordered to be closedfor public or rescheduled. In a recent move, Italy has ordered all sporting events to be held without thefans. Likewise, Spain has also put the La Liga and the Barcelona vs. Napoli matches behind closeddoors, which means that the only way fans can catch up on the game is through their television sets.

Also, Six Nations Rugby matches between Ireland and Italy orEngland and Italy, that were scheduled totake place in March 2020 have all been indefinitely postponed as Italy is the worst-hit victim in Europewith over 3,000 Coronavirus cases. Other major events that have been rescheduled in Italy due to theCoronavirus outbreak include Formula Es Rome Grand Prix, Womens qualifying rounds for water polo,and several cycling events.

Can I get a ticket refund for an event cancelled due to coronavirus?

If a sporting event that you previously planned to attend has been cancelled or rescheduled to aninconvenient date, then you are probably wondering how to claim a refund. For those who boughttickets from eauthorized sellers, this is going to be much easier. In this case, you are most likely to get arefund for all cancellations made by the organizers. If you havent already got them, try to request thesame through an email.

However, if you bought them from a reseller, then you would have a lesser chance of getting a refundbut can still raise a solid claim. We recommend that you email them for a refund instead of calling themand enquiring about it. We stress on written communication as this helps gather evidence, which helpsin case you are forced to claim your refund through the legal route, under consumer laws.

Can I get a ticket refund for a Concert or Carnival?

Speaking about music and cultural events, claiming refunds can be a wee bit tricky. If it is a single-performer event and the organizer calls it off, then your chances of getting a refund are higher. On theother hand, if you have a ticket to a cultural event or a carnival involving several performers, then thingsget a little difficult. Unless all the performers and the main organizers call it off, you may not get arefund.

Should I accept refunds if an Event isnt cancelled?

The coronavirus is a deadly pandemic that is highly contagious and still a mystery amongst medicalpractitioners. Therefore, uncertainty prevails while the medical community is busy exploring cures forthis pandemic. Moreover, while most governments are planning containment measures, it is best toavoid public gatherings.

So, if you had booked your tickets for an event or made other bookings such as flights andaccommodation, and qualify for a refund, we suggest that you take it. Currently, eAirbnb has madereservations and cancellations more flexible, and others are likely to follow the suit. Also, you can expectmore changes and restrictions to be imposed on public gatherings in the near future unless a cure isfound. The COVID 19 or the coronavirus is a deadly virus that has a window period, during which thesymptoms may not be clear, but it continues to remain highly contagious.

From the Olympics to local political gatherings, the Coronavirus has influenced every public gatheringand you may expect this to continue for a while. With so much confusion about this pandemic, it isrecommended that you support the Governments initiatives to contain coronavirus, by cancelling yourtravel plans. Instead, in this coronavirus update, Small World urges its customers to shift their focus onminimizing losses by claiming refunds on cancellable flights and accommodations.

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