Coronavirus Lockdown: The Ultimate Guide to Overseas Money Transfers

09 Apr 2020 - Category: Blog /
coronavirus lockdown

The Coronavirus lockdown and its socio-economic consequences has adversely influenced the entireworld. At Small World, we completely understand the gravity of this pandemic and its impact on youreveryday lives. Therefore, we are here to help you send and receive money despite the lockdown.During this difficult phase, you can make use of our online transfers to support your loved ones. Weoffer real-time exchange rates and low transaction fees to make this more affordable. For those whowish to register for our online services during the coronavirus lockdown, we also offer as free transaction.If you have been using our offline money transfer services or wish to sign up for our online moneytransfer services during the coronavirus lockdown, then well guide you through that as well. So, heres acomplete guide to send and receive money during the coronavirus lockdown.

1.  How to sign up or register for online money transfers

If you are not an existing customer of Small World but wish to use our services due to the coronaviruslockdown, then you can sign up here. However, if you are an existing Small World customer but wish totransact online, then you can easily activate your online account by furnishing your Government IDdocument number and your Small World Client ID here. You must also have a private email ID and willhave to confirm your date of birth to register or activate your online account. Please note that SmallWorld does not charge you to register for its online services.

2.  Small Worlds Robust Network

Small World has a broad network spread across over eighty countries, with agents present in over250,000 locations. However, some of these locations have currently suspended in-person transactionsdue to the coronavirus lockdown. In such areas, we continue to operate through online transfers, afacility that our existing customers and new customers can activate for free.

We maintain high ethical standards and work with reputed channel partners to facilitate overseasmoney transfer. The various types of money transfers that we offer includes bank deposit, doorstepcash pickup, and delivery, mobile wallet refills, mobile top-up, and cash card reloading. So, even if thecoronavirus lockdown may have caused the in-person services to be suspended in certain regions, youcan still use other modes to transfer money overseas and support your loved ones.

3. Ways to Transact During the Coronavirus Lockdown

We have noticed a surge in queries from countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and the Philippines regarding ouroffline operations during the coronavirus lockdown. We would like to inform all our customers that dueto nationwide coronavirus lockdowns, we may not be able to offer in-person cash pickup and delivery inmany locations.

If you are from Ghana, then the local banks that are within our network would continue to operatebetween 08:30 AM to 15:00 PM from Monday to Friday. For telephonic help, you can reach out toConsolidated Bank, our Channel Partner that is currently offering free telephonic assistance to all SmallWorld customers. If you are located in Accra, Tema, and Kumasi regions, then we recommend that youcheck the notices to confirm the nearest functional branches.

In Nigeria, we currently have limited operations and offer our services through certain branches of thePolaris Bank. The working hours of these branches are 9:00 AM to 13:00 PM from Monday to Friday andon Saturdays, we operate between 08:30 AM to 12:00 PM. Please note that Sunday is a weekly off in allthe operating branches of the Polaris Bank.

Those from The Philippines are requested to make Bank Deposits due to limited in-person operations.You can still pick up cash from certain places such as the Palawan Pawnshop, Cebuana Lhullier,MLhuillier Kwarta Padala, RD Pawnshop, Villarica Pawnshop. Also, BDO Unibank branches are availableto serve you, and you can locate the nearest branch here. You can click here for updates about ouroperations in various other countries. However, we would like to clarify that you can continue to makemobile money transfers to all the countries that we operate in.

Subject to the local regulations and restrictions imposed on public movement, some of our ChannelPartners may be working offline during the coronavirus lockdown. However, we recommend that youmake use of mobile money transfers to avoid exposing yourself and your dear ones to this dangerousand contagious pandemic. 

Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease that can spread quite easily and therefore we recommendthat you avoid places such as banks and ATMs. Also, we recommend that you advise the same to yourloved ones and stick to refilling cash cards online and sending money to mobile wallets. The recipientcan then use this amount to make online purchases as most online retailers now accept mobile money.This eliminates the need to venture out during these tough times to withdraw money. 

 Mobile Money refers to the process of sending money to an e-wallet, which can then be used by therecipient to make actual payments. Governments across the globe are doing their best to facilitate thismode of payment as it minimizes the potential risks that follow the in-person exchange of physicalcurrencies.

4.  Use the Small World Mobile Application

Small World brings you an easy to use mobile application that works on both Android and iOS devices.Android users can download it through Google Store and iOS user can do the same from Apple Store.However, to use it on your iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touch, you need iOS 9.0 or above versions and forAndroid devices, you must have Android 5.1 and above. Once you download this application, the firstthing youll notice is an easy to use interface. So, if you need your elderly relatives to use thisapplication, then it shouldnt be much of a hassle. The minimalistic design ensures easy and convenientnavigation.

5. Online Transactions and Cyber Security

Small World complies with all the security measures required to keep online transactions safe and fullycomplies with the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) and other requirements. Accordingly, we encryptall the communication exchanged between the client and the server, through a powerful SSL Certificate.However, you need to be cautious and avoid accessing Small Worlds website or your Banks websitethrough a private network. If you did that, then you could be a victim of the Man-in-the-Middle attack,which could reveal your user ID, financial details, and password to the attacker. Also, if you share yourcomputer with others, it is recommended that you avoid saving passwords to your financial services oronline shopping websites.

6. Track your in-transit money

We understand the stress that you go through while sending money overseas, especially, when themoney is in-transit and yet to reach the recipient. Therefore, Small World provides you real-timetracking through its website and its mobile application. You simply need to select the Payout Countryfrom the dropdown menu and enter the Transaction Number, also known as the MTN Number.

7. Seek Customer Support only for critical issues


Help us serve you better by limiting your queries during these tough times as we are working withlimited employees and resources. So, before reaching out to us, do read through our FAQs section andtry finding answers to your queries.

We are doing the best we can to support you in these times of crisis, and in doing so, we continue toabide by the coronavirus lockdown and other restrictions imposed by the Governments of the variouscountries that we operate in. We request you to do the same and make use of technology to transfermoney to your loved ones, without leaving your home.

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