Agent Controller 10526

  • Ort:Mexiko, Tijuana
  • Sendedatum:12 Okt 2021

Small World FS is a London headquartered Fintech provider of trusted, simple and low cost international payment services from 34 countries worldwide. Providing international payment services for consumers to send money to 188 countries worldwide, with a global pay-out network of over 250,000 locations as well as real-time bank transfers, Small World FS has over the past decade grown rapidly to become one of Europe’s leading payment service providers, and a member of the UK TechCity’s exclusive FutureFifty programme.


Financial responsible for the management in terms of credit limit, bank deposits and collections for our agent´s portfolio in the US, giving support and assistance to the Sales Team in all requests regarding payment methods, credit allowance and collections.


Primary responsibilities

·       To manage the credit limits and payment frequency.

·       To contact with the agents to ensure the daily payments.

·       To apply in the system all types of deposits.

·       To make bank account reconciliations.

·       To set up payment plans.

·       To send agent statements.

·       To check agent balances.

·       To request to our banks and payment institutions possible differences in bank statements.

·       To control in our data base the payments received to avoid duplicate deposits and/or differences.


Skills and knowledge required

      Intermediate level of Excel.

      Analytical and finance knowledge.

      Call Centre profile.


      Spanish and English. 



Analytical skills. Account controllers should explain balances to our agents and customers, find out differences and organize the deposit´s application.

Negotiating skills. The main aspects of a account controller’s job are reconciling the differences between two parties and offering a solution that is acceptable to both parties.

Speaking skills. Account controllers must be able to speak to debtors to explain their choices and ensure that they fully understand what is being said.



Interpersonal skills

-          Multitask person

-          Time Management.

-          Problem - solving.

-          Teamwork / Collaboration.

-          Communication Team.





Excel skills/  Excel

1.      Shortcuts movements.

2.      Filters excel

3.      Conditional formatting

4.      Countif

5.      Sumif

6.      Searching.

7.      Vlookup

8.      Charts

9.      Insert-remove colums


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