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Walmart joins the payment network of Small World

We have just improved our service for money transfers to Mexico by starting an agreement between Small World and Walmart.

Small World has good news for your money transfers from the USA and Canada to Mexico: from now onwards, our customers can send money to any branch of Walmart, Aurrerá or Suburbia in Mexico. This agreement will allow to have more opportunities to select the nearest payout location to your home, so that your beneficiaries can pick up the money in a more comfortable and faster way.

Walmart is a multinational corporation and is well known in Mexico, especially for its large network of chain of hypermarkets in the whole country and started there with its activities in 1991. Later, branches of other chains of big supermarkets such as Aurrera or Suburbia (among others) joined the group of Walmart.

For our customers in the USA and Canada, that means that there will be about 1,230 new locations within our payment network, to receive money to their beneficiaries in Mexico.

We are pleased to communicate you this news about the expansion of our payment network in Mexico. Benefit from our new service and send money to Mexico with Small World.

Walmart Pick-Up Locations in Mexico: