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We offer commercial support, training services and marketing material.

LCC was the solution to bringing new cutomers to my store. All my customers are delighted, because I can offer a better rate than the competition. I am very grateful to LCC.

Edna from France

I am very proud to be associated with  LCC Money Transfer and hope to have a long relationship. My experience with them has been a complete pleasure and my costumers are very happy and pleased.

Ali from Belgium

Since July 2011 I am a LCC agent. LCC provides my costumers with a excellent quality of remittance service . The marketing and backoffice support are very efficient,today I can say that LCC  is a serious and reliable company.

Andil from Belgium


Small World Financial Services at the 30th annual Philippines Barrio Fiesta sa London

Thanks to elements of Spanish culture brought over by monks and friars during the colonial days of yore, the “Fiesta” has become a pivotal aspect of Filipino culture.  These are  times when the nation comes together to enjoy street dances, group festivities, parades and many other activities that show off the rich cultural heritage and colourful characteristics of this beautiful island state.

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Small World Financial Services makes the Sunday Times International Track 200 ranking

The Sunday Times published the fifth annual International Track 200 league table on 13 July, in which Britain’s fastest growing companies in terms of international sales for the last two years. The ranking system has been revamped, and expanded since the 2010-2011 season when only 100 companies were represented.

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New Stratford Branch in London!

Customers can visit the new Small World branch in Stratford, placed in The Mall of Stratford and close to the Stratford bus and train station. The new branch has several services including sending or receiving money transfers.

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